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Third Party Inspection

Third Party Inspection

Ferrocyanide Test

We employ the quick and easy method to perform the Ferrocyanide Test in India. Our capacity allow us to perform test for Calcium, Potassium or Sodium ferrocyanide. Our assessment team makes an overall evaluation of work in general situation.

Litmus Paper Test

To guarantee the products' quality, several customers demand the authentic test. So it is our core focus to arrange our own team to evaluate the factory and inspect the goods before shipping. Our professional staff members are capable of meeting your demand for the Litmus Paper Test in Ahmedabad.

Copper Sulfare Test

We work for the third party inspection with expert team and the best in-house amenities. We have the experienced staff to handle Copper Sulfate Test procedure for galvanized steel, for iron or iron contamination, for chrome plating, for stainless steel as per your requirement.

Cuso4 Test

If your aim is to pursue full inspection, random inspection and factory audit, just go for the most modern inspection facility. In order to perform CuSO4 identification test and CuSO4 litmus test, we offer reasonable third party inspection service with sophisticated facility.

Slate Test

Our team efficiently defines the Slate Test profile to recognize the reasons resulting by failure of lubricants. We are defining the primary and secondary slate test for industrial machines. We help those customers out there need to inspect the goods before shipping.