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Metal Surface Treatment

Metal surface treatment is preferred for resistance to damage and wear and to prevent corrosion. The process increases reflectivity of metal surface.

Pickling & Passivation

Along with promoting good corrosion performance, with Pickling & Passivation in Ahmedabad, you can secure the steel pipes from damage allowing fully alloyed steel surface.

Chemical Manufacture

We are leading chemical manufacturer offering the best quality chemicals for enabled mechanical processes like metal cleaning, metal deeping, metal coating.
About Company

Welcome to
Pooja Pickling and Passivation

We Pooja Buffing Works is a Ahmedabad Gujarat Based Company Since 2001.

We are manufacturing & Developing all of Metal Surfaces treatment Pickling & Passivared Chemicals as per Standard ASTM380 Since Last 10 Years.

Pooja Buffing Works Specialized stainless Steel(S.series), Aluminum(A Series), SS welding joint paste, Steel welding joint paste,Copper Titanium and also Development of Chemicals as per Customer Specification and Requirement as well.


Who We Are

Our entire business operations are headed by our Proprietor, Mr. Shokat Khan, which has been supported for numerous years of steel cleaning industry experience. Together with the expertise of his industry experience, excellent business, we have been able to continue to develop our business.
Consistently Services for


  • Heat Exchange & Pressure Vessels

    We know, it is a sensitive process demanding professional care. So we undergo varied helping processes for the Heat Exchange & Pressure Vessels industry.
  • Oil Refinery Pipelines Plants

    Our expert team provide tailor-made solutions to keep the efficiency of Oil Refinery Pipelines Plants by maintaining the pipelines perfectly fit for process.
  • Chemicals Machinery Plant

    We suggest best category chemicals to avoid any superfluous happening and serve industry with cost effective metal surface treatments.
  • Pharma, Dairy & Food Process Plant

    Considering the hygiene requirement for the plant, we cater Pharma, Dairy & Food Processing industry with efficient metal treatment and chemicals needed.
  • House Hold Articles

    The best range of surfacing processes are essentially needed as shining of the surface is more important as a whole when it is about the household articles.
  • Electricals panel Board Plant

    We put forward the best range of surfacing process to save your plant from different weather conditions and to bestow the best corrosion resistance.
  • Storage Tank

    We cater all types of storage tank producing units as well as the units having use of storage tanks to make the tanks most efficient for the purpose.
  • Stainless Steel User

    Stainless steel users know that the best grade metals need effective treatment to offer long service as well as shelf life for better functional capacity.